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Connection Groups Discipleship


Connection Groups Discipleship for the entire family happens each Wednesday on campus at 7:00 PM. Children of all ages have discipleship designed just for them. Students in Middle School and High School meet for their own service in The Loft.

In 2018, adult discipleship will take place in six-weeks sessions. On January 17th, the following adult discipleship opportunities are available…


A GOD CENTERED CHURCH – led by Pastor Damien in Room 101

This teaching is based on the book by Henry T. and Melvin D. Blackaby. Do you everĀ  wish church would just be like it “used to be,” or the way “you feel most comfortable,” or the way you “think it ought to be?” For six weeks, we’ll take a look at the way God intended “Church” to be. We won’t look a the format of a service…songs, prayer, offering, announcements, meet & greet, sermon, and altar call. It’s a look at the living organism, the Church – you and me, living together as one body with Jesus as the Head and God as the center. We’ll talk about the difference in being a church that is “need-centered” or “people-centered” and one that is God-centered. We’ll explore making the transition from knowing and doing the will of God as individuals to knowing and doing the will of God within a corporate body of believers. It’s gonna be a trip. So, don’t miss it!


KNOWING AND EXPERIENCING GODled by Andrea Howard in Room 103

Are you seeking God’s will for your life? Do you feel a strong desire to know your purpose so you can fulfill God’s intentions for you? Are you in the middle of confusing situations? Are you ready to make adjustments in your life? This may the time and this may be the opportunity God has arranged to reveal Himself to you. Knowing and Experiencing God’s will is a different kind of study changing your focus and unveiling God’s nature.



Join us as we unlock key principles found throughout the Scriptures that allow us to be successful Christians when dealing with both the pleasant and difficult days of our lives. And open discussion style classroom setting that is available and applicable to all ages and all experience levels.


CREATED TO SOAR: Discovering the process that takes you from isolation to elevationled by Ann Benton

Geared primarily for women, this class explores the similarities of the caterpillar metamorphosis process and the transformation process we all go through when facing a tough situation. Regardless of the reason we end up in what feels like a spiritual cocoon. God wants to turn that time of isolation into intimacy with Him. Our study will take us from isolation, preparation, revelation, and transformation to elevation. AS women, we often derive our identity from our various roles in life. However, God wants to remove any and everything that falsely defines who we are and replace it with what we need to soar into our purpose and destiny in Him.


DISCOVERING OUR JEWISH ROOTSled by Joyce Bennett & Jill Lively

The purpose of this teaching is to exhort and challenge the body of Christ, the Church, concerning its Jewish “Biblical” roots, as the Lord Himself brings together the One New Nam of Ephesians 2 in preparation of His soon return for His beloved Bride. Join us as we believe there is a sovereign move of God operating in The Church of these prophetic days.