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A GOD CENTERED CHURCH – led by Pastor Damien in Room 101

This teaching is based on the book by Henry T. and Melvin D. Blackaby. Do you ever  wish church would just be like it “used to be,” or the way “you feel most comfortable,” or the way you “think it ought to be?” For six weeks, we’ll take a look at the way God intended “Church” to be. We won’t look a the format of a service…songs, prayer, offering, announcements, meet & greet, sermon, and altar call. It’s a look at the living organism, the Church – you and me, living together as one body with Jesus as the Head and God as the center. We’ll talk about the difference in being a church that is “need-centered” or “people-centered” and one that is God-centered. We’ll explore making the transition from knowing and doing the will of God as individuals to knowing and doing the will of God within a corporate body of believers. It’s gonna be a trip. So, don’t miss it!

Earlier Event: January 17
Later Event: June 20
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