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God's plan is for Parents (not the Church) to be the primary spiritual leaders of their children.   In fact, out of 168 hours in a week, on average, the church only has one hour of influence every week. We as parents, grandparents, etc, have way more time and opportunities with our children than the church. Therefore, we believe that the Church’s primary role is to equp parents with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to be the primary spiritual leaders of their families.

We hope and pray that this resource page helps equip you to disciple and lead your children.



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Today’s world is ever changing. With the Parent Toolbox, we want to help you to keep up to date on the topics that you and your family may be facing. Each month the Parent Toolbox will will feature a different online parenting class that will cover topics for your elementary kids and teenagers. Also, you can click below to find other articles, videos, and links covering a wide range of current topics. We hope that you can use these resources to help you engage with your kids.

Click on the age level below to go to our Parent Toolbox.


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March Parenting Class

Elementary Kids



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